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Soft goods

Level 1: Prêt-a-porter

This fancy term covers items that are ready to put in place/wear. It

covers pieces that you’ll find at the larger home-goods stores and

department stores. They are usually the least expensive, the most

trendy, and not intended for durability. It’s pieces for the holidays,

pieces to get ready for summer, or just to perk up a space.

We keep up with all the latest trends, and have access to sources most shoppers do not. By using these resources on your behalf, we can help you and your home make a real statement.

Level 2: Custom pieces

Typicaly, custom soft-goods are intended to create a statement of luxury, longevity and to really enhance an entire space rather than just a “look at me” effect. It starts with semi-custom (like blinds and carpets), and it goes all the way to hand-sewn draperies and bed linens. Custom typically they can not be returned without significant cost & hassle, making it more risky than store-bought. Let the designers at CLD advise you in the selection and fabrication of these pieces, and we will help ensure that your vision comes together as you intended.

Level 3: Art-work

Art-work is the ultimate expression of one’s personality and style. A piece of art gets selected because it has a very personal bond with or meaning to its owner. Some pieces are lifetime companions, some are specific to a moment in your life, but they are the single most important element in a space because they cannot be simply replaced with something else. That means that they need their own spot & lighting, they need real color-coordination with the rest of the space, and they could end up competing for attention with the focal wall. We can help integrate your art-work with your space, and even help find pieces through our connections with local and international artists.